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  • guitar solos need to be boosted
  • speakers need to be boosted
  • should implement auto gain on output channel again, at least during worship, if not during sermons
  • Dylan needed to be louder when he had the lead and Dawn softer
  • need separate buses for lead and background vocals
  • The background vocalists should sing in unison to provide vocal thickening and Dawn should sing the harmony on bridges and choruses. When singing harmony, she should back away from her mic or sing softer
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How to Mix Harsh, Nasal Vocals

  • 2 – 4 kHz
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Mixing Blog


  • Don’t pan hard left or right when there is one guitar, or pan the acoustic guitar hard left/right to provide balance, but that will require more volume from the acoustic guitar and probably more careful EQ
  • Vocals sounded thin, distant. See Sonic Consistency.
  • Too much reverb or delay on vocals. They did not sound up front enough.
  • I think the vocals are picking up reverb from the band bus reverb send. You can hear reverb being added when they are all singing loudly. Solution could be to create a separate vocal bus with its own or no additional reverb send
  • Some recommend multi-band compression (see How to Mix Harsh, Nasal Vocals)

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