Audio Mixing

Worship Team Sunday Clinic Gain Staging

To be performed 2 to 4 times per year

  1. With all monitor sends set to zero, adjust the input gain or trim of each instrument and voice. Each musician should in turn play, speak or sing at the loudest anticipated performance volume. The musicians will not hear themselves amplified in any fashion, neither in their monitors nor in the house. Each instrument with a volume control should be set to a nominal or unity output gain or volume before proceeding with this step.
  2. With the monitor amps off, each aux send should be set to unity and the send levels of each channel set to zero. Then the amps can be brought back online and the send levels adjusted for each monitor, one by one, according to the artists taste. Solo in place may be helpful for this. If it doesn’t work as expected, then the send can be muted or zeroed while the others are being set (since we adjusted to unity gain for the aux send, we can zero it and then easily set it back to unity).
Audio Mixing Vocals

How to Mix Harsh, Nasal Vocals

  • 2 – 4 kHz