Our Staff



Pastor:  Sean Todd

I am Sean Todd the lead pastor at Ignite Church. I felt the call to ministry over 20 years ago and today my desire is still the same. To see people transformed by a relationship with Jesus Christ and equip a new generation of believers to achieve their purpose in God’s kingdom. I have seen many fads and phases come and go over the years but one thing holds true. The good news of God’s Grace still changes lives. But why another church? Jesus calls us to make disciples not just admirers, fans, or curious seekers. My wife and I felt a real desire and call to discipleship. To see people come to Jesus Christ and be rooted deeply in the Word of God, and experience new life in the Holy Spirit. We also have a burden for outreach. Much of what we call church is expressed outside of the walls. In our jobs, families, neighborhoods. At the grocery store or in line at the gas station. We also feel called to the least of these. The sick, incarcerated, and impoverished. The Kingdom of God is like a party. Our job is too just make sure everyone gets the invite. We welcome you to worship with us!

By His Grace

Sean and Amy Todd



Director of Children’s and Youth Ministry:  Xena Pennington

Over the years of growing up in the church, I have developed a deep passion for ministry. I love working with children and youth, and worshipping God through music. I know that one of the things God has called me to do in this lifetime is to shepherd and raise up disciples with a heart for His kingdom. I believe that it is an incredible honor to have the responsibility of helping kids understand how much God loves them and to be a part of them learning about who He has created them to be. I dedicated nine months to learning about every aspect of ministry, studying the Bible and working on my own personal growth with God, so that I could become more equipped to work in ministry. It was the most difficult year of my life so far, but some of the best experiences I will ever have came out of my time there. My time at the Vineyard Heroic Leadership Institute prepared me well to work in the world of ministry. I will draw from the things I learned there for the rest of my life. I am so excited to partner with what God is already doing at Ignite Church. I am ready to work and serve my heart out!